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drive是什么意思,drive的解释  英汉词典

drive是什么意思,drive的解释 英汉词典

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    n. 驾车, 快车道, 推进力, 驱动, 动力, 击球, 驱动器
    vt. 开车, 驱使, 推动, 驾驶
    vi. 开车, 猛击, 飞跑
    【计】 驱动器
    【化】 驱动
    【医】 传动, 推进
    drive sb hard
    drive up
    drive sb to despair
    drive sb to desperation
    drive at sth
    drive away at...


    动词过去式: 过去分词: 现在分词: 第三人称单数:drives 形容词:drivable 名词:drivability 


    drive, ride
    drive: 指乘坐在有轮子的交通工具之内,控制其行驶。
    ride: 通常指骑在车、马上行驶。
    motivate, drive, prompt
    motivate: 强调驱使人们采取行动的原因或动机。
    drive: 侧重外来的驱策力和内心的感情力量的驱使。
    prompt: 与motivate近义,强调起因。


    名词 drive:

    1. the act of applying force to propel something
      同义词:thrust, driving force
    2. a mechanism by which force or power is transmitted in a machine
    3. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end
      同义词:campaign, cause, crusade, movement, effort
    4. a road leading up to a private house
      同义词:driveway, private road
    5. the trait of being highly motivated
    6. hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver
    7. the act of driving a herd of animals overland
    8. a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)
    9. a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire
    10. (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
    11. a wide scenic road planted with trees
    12. (sports) a hard straight return (as in tennis or squash)

    动词 drive:

    1. operate or control a vehicle
    2. travel or be transported in a vehicle
    3. cause someone or something to move by driving
    4. force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically
      同义词:force, ram
    5. to compel or force or urge relentlessly or exert coercive pressure on, or motivate strongly
    6. cause to move back by force or influence
      同义词:repel, repulse, force back, push back, beat back
    7. compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment
    8. push, propel, or press with force
    9. cause to move rapidly by striking or throwing with force
    10. strive and make an effort to reach a goal
      同义词:tug, labor, labour, push
    11. move into a desired direction of discourse
      同义词:get, aim
    12. have certain properties when driven
    13. work as a driver
    14. move by being propelled by a force
    15. urge forward
    16. proceed along in a vehicle
    17. strike with a driver, as in teeing off
    18. hit very hard and straight with the bat swinging more or less vertically
    19. excavate horizontally
    20. cause to function by supplying the force or power for or by controlling
    21. hunting: search for game
    22. hunting: chase from cover into more open ground


    1. I wish I knew what they were really driving at.
    2. Could you drive me to the station?
    3. He drives the team relentlessly.
    4. A man driven by jealousy is capable of anything.
    5. Huge waves drove the yacht onto the rocks.
    6. He is clever but he won't succeed because he lacks drive.
    7. How can I drive away these feelings of sadness?
    8. Don't drink and drive.


    v.(动词)drove[drôv] driv.en[drv.…n] driv.ing,drives v.tr.(及物动词)To push, propel, or press onward forcibly; urge forward:驱赶:用力向前挤、推或压;催促向前:例句:drove the horses into the corral.把马赶进马厩
    To repulse forcefully; put to flight:用力驱除;使离开:例句:drove the attackers away; drove out any thought of failure.赶走袭击者;打消失败的念头
    To guide, control, or direct (a vehicle).驾驶:引导、控制或指挥(车辆)

    To convey or transport in a vehicle:用车辆运输:例句:drove the children to school.开车送孩子去上学
    To traverse in a vehicle:驱车:例句:drive the freeways to work.开车走高速公路上班
    To supply the motive force or power to and cause to function:发动:提供动力并使发动:例句:Steam drives the engine.蒸气驱动引擎
    To compel or force to work, often excessively:驱迫:迫使工作,常指过度工作:例句:.Every serious dancer is driven by notions of perfection—perfect expressiveness, perfect technique.(Susan Sontag).每个严肃的舞蹈者都为完美的信念——完美的表现力,完美的技巧所驱使.(苏珊·桑塔格)
    To force into or from a particular act or state:强迫:迫使进入或离开某特定动作或状态:例句:Indecision drives me crazy.犹豫要把我逼疯了
    To force to go through or penetrate:钻入:迫使经过或穿过:例句:drove the stake into the ground.把木桩打进地面
    To create or produce by penetrating forcibly:钻出:经用力穿透而创造或产生:例句:The nail drove a hole in the tire.钉子在车胎上扎了个洞
    To carry through vigorously to a conclusion:达成:精辟地说明并达成结论:例句:drove home his point.精辟地阐明他的观点

    Sports To throw, strike, or cast (a ball, for example) hard or rapidly.【体育运动】 猛击:迅速或猛烈地击扔或投(球)Basketball To move with the ball directly through:【篮球】 带球直接通过:例句:drove the lane and scored.冲过罚球区得分
    Baseball To cause (a run) to be scored.【棒球】 使(跑垒)得分

    To chase (game) into the open or into traps or nets.追赶:将(猎物)赶入空地或陷阱或猎网To search (an area) for game in such a manner.搜索:经此方式在某一地区捕(猎物)v.intr.(不及物动词)To move along or advance quickly as if pushed by an impelling force.猛冲:迅速地移动仿佛被强迫力量推动To rush, dash, or advance violently against an obstruction:撞击:向障碍物猛烈地驱赶、冲击或推进:例句:The wind drove into my face.风吹打着我的脸
    To operate a vehicle, such as a car.驾驶:操纵交通工具,如车辆To go or be transported in a vehicle:乘车:坐车前往或被车运送:例句:drove to the supermarket.驱车去超级市场

    Sports To hit, throw, or impel a ball or other missile forcibly.【体育运动】 用力击球:猛击、扔或抽球或其它飞行体Basketball To move directly to the basket with the ball.【篮球】 带球直接投篮To make an effort to reach or achieve an objective; aim.瞄准:努力达到一个目标;瞄准n.(名词)The act of driving.驱动的行为A trip or journey in a vehicle.驱车旅行Abbr. Dr.A road for automobiles and other vehicles.缩写 Dr.车行道:汽车或其它车辆行驶的道路

    The means or apparatus for transmitting motion or power to a machine or from one machine part to another.驱动;驱动机构:将运动或能量从机器的一个部件传递到另一个部件的方法或设备The means by which automotive power is applied to a roadway:驾驶方法:汽车的驱动力作用于路面的方式:例句:four-wheel drive.四轮驱动
    The means or apparatus for controlling and directing an automobile:驾驶装置:汽车控制与转向的方式与仪器:例句:right-hand drive.右侧驾驶装置
    Computer Science A device that reads data from and writes data onto a storage medium, such as a floppy disk.【计算机科学】 驱动器:从存储媒介(如软盘)上读出或写入数据的设备A strong organized effort to accomplish a purpose.See Synonyms at campaign 为达到目的而进行的强大的组织力量参见 campaignEnergy, push, or aggressiveness.干劲、冲动或攻击性Psychology A strong motivating tendency or instinct, especially of sexual or aggressive origin, that prompts activity toward a particular end.【心理学】 内驱力:强烈的动力倾向或本能,尤指性或攻击本性它使人的行为指向一定目的A massive, sustained military offensive.军事上大规模的持续强攻

    Sports The act of hitting, knocking, or thrusting a ball very swiftly.【体育运动】 快速击球:迅速地击、敲或抽球的动作Sports The stroke or thrust by which a ball is driven.【体育运动】 击或抽球Basketball The act of moving with the ball directly to the basket.【篮球】 带球直接投篮

    A rounding up and driving of cattle to new pastures or to market.驱赶牛群:圈集并驱赶牛群到新的牧场或市场A gathering and driving of logs down a river.原木顺流而下The cattle or logs thus driven.被驱赶的牛群,顺流而下的原木
    drive at
    To mean to do or say:要做或说:例句:I don`t understand what you`re driving at.我不明白您的意思
    常用词组>来源:Middle English driven 中古英语 driven from Old English drofan * see dhreibh- 源自 古英语 drofan *参见 dhreibh-




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